As part of my GCSE school graduation, aged 16, I had to select a project which was based on ‘Environmental Impact’.  I chose to look at the fashion industry and to fully understand the impact that it creates.  My objective was to create an awareness through a garment which would not only attract people to the garment but to also enable them to look deeper into the symbolism of the materials that I have used.  I was horrified to find out that the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters on the planet, as such I wanted to create a garment that would be suitable for a ‘Red carpet’ event, but it would split into 2 pieces.  The large expandable banner that unfurls is based on protest signs and is made up of recycled materials and is detachable from the green dress.  The Green dress is 100% easily recyclable and has no buttons or zips.  The design is meant to be eye catching and appeal to those who have a strong awareness of protecting the environment.