Hi, I’m Poppy,

I have grown up living in England. I have just graduated school aged 16 and I am now going onto further education to study Photography, Art and Fashion.  Fashion is what I love to do, I started sewing at a young age and I have never stopped.  I can visualise the pieces in my head and then I have to work out how to make them.  I love working with different materials and learning new techniques.  Being a dyslexic I have always been more artistic and creative, it is my passion, so I want to see how far this journey will take me.


Sheer Material

I wanted to challenge myself with a sheer material as its harder to sew. I decided to take the photos in Turks and Caicos as the material reminded me of the sea foam that gathers on the seashore. I got my younger sister, Lottie, to model the outfit as her appearance compliments the outfit. I took a series of pictures at different times of the day as I wanted to test different light and backgrounds and what effect they had on the picture. I wanted to get a greater understanding on how to photograph and display outfits. I was really pleased with the outfit because it turned out really well and it broadened my knowledge on different materials



As part of my GCSE school graduation, aged 16, I had to select a project which was based on ‘Environmental Impact’. I chose to look at the fashion industry and to fully understand the impact that it creates. My objective was to create an awareness through a garment which would not only attract people to the garment but to also enable them to look deeper into the symbolism of the materials that I have used. I was horrified to find out that the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters on the planet, as such I wanted to create a garment that would be suitable for a ‘Red carpet’ event, but it would split into 2 pieces. The large expandable banner that unfurls is based on protest signs and is made up of recycled materials and is detachable from the green dress. The Green dress is 100% easily recyclable and has no buttons or zips. The design is meant to be eye catching and appeal to those who have a strong awareness of protecting the environment.



I made these outfits out of upcycled materials. The blue outfit was made from my Nan’s scarf and the pink outfit was made from a sari. We found a great location to take the pictures, using an old paddle steamer, I loved the contrast between the striking colours of the outfits against the worn faded colours of the paddle steamer. I was able to adjust my earlier patterns and create different outfits, this was the first time that I had used this type of pattern cutting and it really furthered my understanding in this craft. I was pleased with all of the outfits and so were my models.

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